Network file save- Access denied

Good morning all, I am using the forge component File System to attempt to save a file to a network drive.   I have been success with saving to a directory that has full access granted for all Authenticated Users, but when I try to some of our more restricted directories I get the expected access error below.   

What account does Outsystems use to save these files?   Is it the service account that our Outsystems services run under or something else?   I will need to submit requests to our access management team to give the proper account write access to the needed directories but I'm not sure which account(s) to request access for.      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Josh,

Check this post in the component forum:

Maybe it will be useful.

Based on what I'm seeing, I'm going to try to get write access granted for the account that IIS runs under.   That seems much cleaner than specifying an account/password in OS and having to keep those maintained.

Hi Josh,

You could indeed check which account runs as an Identity for your 'OutSystemsApplications' Application Pool in IIS. This is the user account that runs under all your applications.

Hope this helps.