Monitoring QoS parameters

Experts, from your experience could you please guide what are the critical parameters/attributes that we should monitor at OutSystems instance  level to ensure smooth operations of the same. Are there any out of box monitoring alert mechanism that i can leverage/extend .

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OutSystems already provides a lot of monitoring options out-of-the-box with Service Center. Within the application, Environment Logs and Health Status are available for Support Engineers to monitor.

As far as I know, there aren't any out-of-the-box monitoring alert mechanisms within the OutSystems platform. But of course, you could create your own. 

Please refer to the answer I gave in this post to a somewhat similar question. There I explain how you could create your own alert mechanism with regard to OutSystems Server/App availability, following an article provided by OutSystems.

I hope this is the information you were looking for.



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Thanks Nordin.  We are also having in mind to write an alert application if there are no OOB alerting mechanism exists. But before that I was wondering what attributes should we monitor on platform level that can be significant. Any leads ?

In our case it is all hosted on Azure cloud, hence Infrastructure monitoring related logs and actions will be taken care by the corresponding team. Similarly Database related attributes monitoring will be handled by its own team. So, what is left for OutSystems to monitor ? Applications will have their own business specific attributes and metrics. My query is at the platform level are there anything that we need to monitor .