How to configure LDAP_validateLogin/LDAP_login in authentication extension?

I am using LDAP_validateLogin to connect LDAP server and no matter what I configure the above server action ,systems will show me "A device attached to the system is not functioning."?what's wrong with me?
I believed my user id and password are right and I can use these item to connect LDAP server by input following command on IE:

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You should search in LDAP communities as it seems to be an issue on that system, not in OutSystems.

For that error, StackOverflow says "SAMAccountName must be 20 characters or less". Is that your case?

The user id is 9 characters and I think the Authentication in systems extension is officially supported component in OSP.  I found some advice about the LDAP_validateLogin and LDAP_Login but can not find configuration sample for these server action.