[OutSystems.AI Chatbot] Use follow-up prompts using QnA maker in outsytems Chatbot

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Published on 26 May by Rui Parente
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Published on 26 May by Rui Parente

I have created a chatbot in outsystems and implemented QnA Maker in it.

I want to use Follow-up prompts where I test it in QnA maker its working fine with prompts but in outsystems Follow-up prompts are not being shown in the bot. Kindly help me or provide any link or document so I can add it in outsystems chat bot.

How to add a follow up prompt to bot in outsystems?

In QnA maker

In Outsytems

Hi Dhanya,

The OutSystems.AI Chatbot currently does not support the follow up prompts.

Check the reply from the creator of the component on this thread, though the thread provides the workaround.