[Facebook Login Plugin] Facebook Login issue

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Published on 12 Aug by Experts
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Published on 12 Aug by Experts

Hello team.

After doing a quick test I got confused and I suppose this is an issue.

Basically, in the FacebookLogin method, when we set MapUser = False we go to CreateOrUpdateLocalUserFacebook but the local record is never assigned for that path and so no data is stored:

Shouldn't we have something like this instead (even though we still need an ID to set to the local entity record)?

Also, if MapUser = True no data is assigned to the local entity record and inside LoginFacebookUser we'll always have an empty result.

Didn't anyone had this problem? Since I'm not able to use it properly as is?

Just out of curiosity:  which are the typical use cases both for MapUser = True and MapUser = False?


Hey Gonçalo, 

Problem solved in the latest release. 

Please test and let us know. 



Great work team!

Thank you very much.