How to validate the cloud environment is OutSystems Sentry offering?

While "building a fort" ;) and working with highly sensitive data for SOC2 compliant low code SaaS application, few NFRs pops in your mind undoubtedly e.g. secure and safe infrastructure, high availability, disaster recovery, longer data retention, VPC, data encryption at rest, envelope encryption for app data, ... etc. 

How can one validate that the managed cloud environment is a Sentry environment? Couldn't locate any trace at licensing portal, lifetime or service center.


You can see it in the contract with OutSystems, and in the license fee.

Apart from that you see nothing. No extra visible features for customers and developers. Visible restriction is you cannot request database access.

I asked this once at OutSystems for a customer with Sentry. They sent out a report every month or quarter and that is it.

Never got a hand on what is in the report.



Yeah sure Daniel, it's in the contract and with hefty license fee :) but no sign on service center or on the LifeTime. 

In fact, since the client got upgraded to sentry environment, I was expecting some change either in the "Activation Code" or in the environment "Serial Number", but all same.

With couple of interactions with support, learnt the sentry environment comes written as "OutSystems Enterprise Sentry" in the service center. Which was missing in the said environment and was later fixed by OutSystems.