[Vertical Alphabetical Scroll] Not working on Android

Forge Component
Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista
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Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista

Hello All.

I have installed the component and is working only for the iPhone. Android is not working. I checked the console in chrome and do not appear any error.

Can you help?

Thank you.

Hi Goncalo,

I recently installed it on my android (samsung A50) and it worked like a charm.

What Android are you running on?

When you say not working, what is not working?



Hi Daniel.

Sorry for the late answer.

When I click on the letter and does not scroll.

I debuged the device and is giving this error:

I am using a Redmi note 5 with MIUI


Gonçalo Almeida 

Hi Gonçalo,

I cannot reproduce that error, I run the application on a Samsung A50 and a Samsung S10 Lite, without problems.

did you try another android mobile and see if you get the same error?

Maybe you can share your .OML.