Can't make it to the NextStep? We've got you covered!

Can't make it to the NextStep? We've got you covered!

Hi all!

Today is shaping up to be a great day - I'm already at the place where the NextStep 2010 is going to take place, prepping up for what will be two exhilarating days. There's an InStep event taking place in the room next door, with many OutSystems' partners, and I've already had the pleasure of meeting many familiar faces from the forums in person!

I'm currently sitting in our borrowed headquarters, with Michel, Maysoon, Carlos and Rodrigo Coutinho, and everything is all set! These guys will be the ones who are going to bring the NextStep to all of you who can't be here. Carlos took a picture of it, so I can show you how it's like:

Everytime something comes up, I'm sure you'll read about it in their Twitter accounts, or in our About Agility Blog where they'll be posting a summary of the keynotes. Since we didn't want you to miss out on all the fun, you have two centralized information hubs for all the social media you can have:
  • The NextStep official page will be updated as soon as the event starts, and will have a blogroll and twitter list of everything and everyone that's commenting on the event. Go check it out!
  • If you feel much more at home in the Network, or if you can't keep up with all the information, you can follow the Blog updates regarding the NextStep in the Network homepage:

We'll be doing our best to make sure that you don't feel left out of the event.

If you still want to come over, just show up -- registrations are free, and even though it looks like the event is going to be jam-packed, there's always room for a few more ;) Join us if you can.

Paulo Tavares