[Vertical Alphabetical Scroll] Infinite scroll

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Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista
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Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista


I'm trying to implement this widget with the infinite scroll pattern but I'm having some issues. Can you share some thoughts on this?


Hi Joao,

Can you describe more what issue you are getting.

some screenshots of issues.


Rahul Sahu

Issues integrating the component or loading the content or any specific error?

So. if you implement the component, you know that for the component be able to scrolls you to the right section, the section letter must be loaded on the screen. Imagine a list with 500 people and you click on the letter T. The letter T section must be loaded BUT, if you implement an infinite scroll, you will load your content some records at a time (example 20 records at a time), which is how OutSystems implement the pattern. And because of this, when the user clicks on T, it won't scroll down to the desired section, which is people that begin with that letter and report a defect, as they should. My question is, how would you implement this having this in mind.