Handling Content-Encoding : gzip - OData REST API Call

Hi all,

When calling an OData REST API, Product Master (A2X) from the SAP API Hub, we receive a response with Header Field: Content-Encoding: gzip. The body of the response is unreadable because Outsystems seems unable to handle the Content-Encoding: gzip.

However, according to Outsystems Patch update 11.6.32 states:
"Up until now, to support GZip encoded responses, the programmer need to write custom code. As It’s a common practice to use encoding in REST calls, the platform now allow this easy integration without having to develop extra code (RSBO-1137)"

Is there a way to read the body properly without having to develop extra code?

This doesn't seem to happen in all api's from the SAP API Hub though.

Thanks in advance!

Oh and a copy of a screenshot of the body response!