Regarding Displaying message to user.

Hi all,

I am working in Reactive web development.

Is it possible to show two messages on the same screen?

Like when user clicks particular button then the user will redirect to that particular screen, then the user needs to see two messages one after the other but for a particular interval of time(like after 5 sec). Is this requirement possible, if possible, help me to solve this issue.




You can do something like this, on OnInitialize, you send a feedback message, then in the flow you do a 5-second wait (try if you use the Sleep component, if you can get what you want), if you don't have countless java script functions available that make this wait 5 seconds (or as long as you want - usually the amount you spend will have to be in milliseconds, and then launch another feedback message. This is a suggestion.


Hi ,

In onintialize event , use a Javascript and use the setInterval method. Put an alert message inside the JS setting an interval.of 5000 milliseconds.


Hi Govardhan,

You could also use Noty Feedback Messages for your requirement. The feedback message are customizable and you can control how many feedback message to show on a screen and the time for the feedback messages to disappear.

You can check out a demo here to see if it fits your needs.

Hope this helps!



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