Hello all,

We have a screen that contains a number of buttons. One of the buttons will start a process, the other buttons will update data accordingly and therefore advance the process. Depending on how the data has been updated, different buttons will be shown or hidden.

What I find is that as there can be a short delay between the process starting or moving on once an entity is updated, refreshing the screen within the button action happens "too soon".

Is it possible to refresh the screen on the OnReady callback of a Human Actvity, is there another approach I could take?



Hi Martin,

Processes are asynchronous and run in a different transaction so it is not possible to trigger a refresh of a screen from a process. 

We can however use the Process Metadata entities in order to check the status of a process by automatically triggering a screen action using some Javascript and refresh the UI based on those process statusses.

The same kind of question was asked earlier on the Forum and I have provided a sample OML in the solution post for reference.

You can check out a Demo application here.

Hope this helps!