[Shared Folder] Got an example of how to use the "List File"

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Published on 27 Apr by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 27 Apr by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi! I'm new to outsystems. I'm trying to figure out what values does the procedure is expecting. 

  • Hostname: is it the domain name?
  • Authntication:No clue whatsoever
  • Share: Is it the name of the folder?
  • Folder path: UNC?

If you have an example it will be greatly appreciated. 

Should it be:

Hi Alan,

Since the Shared folder is implementation of CIFS, I believe the parameters should expect below values.

  • Hostname: host_name.organization.company.tld
  • Authntication:User-level authentication, or Share-level authentication 
  • Share: the name of the directory
  • Folder path: path of the share directory on the hostname