[Shared Folder] Got an example of how to use the "List File"
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Hi! I'm new to outsystems. I'm trying to figure out what values does the procedure is expecting. 

  • Hostname: is it the domain name?
  • Authntication:No clue whatsoever
  • Share: Is it the name of the folder?
  • Folder path: UNC?

If you have an example it will be greatly appreciated. 

Should it be:

Hi Alan,

Since the Shared folder is implementation of CIFS, I believe the parameters should expect below values.

  • Hostname: host_name.organization.company.tld
  • Authntication:User-level authentication, or Share-level authentication 
  • Share: the name of the directory
  • Folder path: path of the share directory on the hostname



Alan Marquez wrote:

HI Swatantra , Thanks for the reply> Still have some questions maybe you can help.

1. Does CIFS means cloud base implementation?



CIFS stands for Common Internet File System. It is a protocol for the network filesystem.  


Can you make an example?



May i know how to use this ?   We publish onto Integration Studio but in Service Studio-> add dependency ,  we cannot see any service components on shared folders.


For anyone having difficulties on using the extension, this is to be used to access windows shared folders. You can usually access a windows shared folder by entering "\\server\share" in Windows Explorer, and sometimes you are asked for credentials. The path in the format "\\server\share\path\to\folder\file.txt" is called a UNC path, and it contains a hostname ("server"), a share name ("share") and a path ("path\to\folder\file.txt").

To use the extension, add dependencies to the SharpCifs extension.

  • Hostname: this is the hostname of the server that is hosting the shared folder. It corresponds to "server" in the "\\server\share" path.
  • Authentication: the username and password that should be used to connect to the shared folder. This is the same information you would type in if you were asked for authentication. If you're not asked for authentication, then the server is accepting your own windows credentials.
  • Share: the name of the share in the server. It corresponds to "share" in the "\\server\share" path.
  • Folder path: a path to a folder inside of the share. For example in "\\server\share\path\to\folder", the folder path would be "path\to\folder".

Wouldn't it be a good idea to add this to the documentation?

Hi Fernandes,

I can understand the other parameters but  what is the input format for "Authentication"?

Authentication is a Structure with Domain, Username and Password attributes.

Yes, we need to click the '+' to open it...

The ReadFile works great!

But the ListFiles returns empty... anyone with a solution?

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