Is there any support for images in HEIC-format in Outsystems?

Hello everyone,

In my Outsystems Mobile App I am currently using the Mediapicker plugin from the Forge. By default, the Mediapicker plugin selects images in HEIC format on iOS with, as far as I know, no option to select the image in lower quality/JPG. I want to show the image in an Image widget in Outsystems, but this widget does not read the binary data of a HEIC image. Is there any way in which I can show HEIC images in Outsystems?

HI Robert van der Meulen 

This is very interesting problem.

HEIC or the more generic HEIF (High Efficient Image File Format) is actually a video (with a single frame) not an image, so it doesn't render on the normal <IMG> html tag.

All images on OutSystems are rendered using the IMG tag so this wont work out-of-the-box, at least for now.

You can however use the <CANVAS> tag, however you'll need the HVEC codec to process the image.

I was able to find a javascript library to do this but have yet to test.

For more information on these "special" image formats take a look at the HEIF web site.

I'm not sure what your use case is, but there are plenty of online services that will convert HEIC/HEIF to JPEG, this is counter productive in terms of efficiency but might help you with a work around.