COVID-19 Community Response Program - The End

Dear community,

Today marks the end of the COVID-19 Community Response Program.

For 6 months, you all joined forces to collaborate and create incredible solutions that could help during these difficult times. It was an amazing thing to see the global OutSystems community so motivated and proactive to make a change, however you could.

This program was a huge success, and we want to share with you the final breakdown:

  • 324 ideas submitted of different projects that could be created

  • 19 projects accepted and 14 were brought to life

  • 14k+ people were reached and we had an average of 40k hits per day

  • 169 people that worked together in teams to develop these apps

  • 9 partnerships that brought more value to the solutions

  • NEO fighting COVID-19 coloring book translated into 16 languages

  • 182 days of commitment and motivation to help others

The projects that were selected helped in so many different ways:

  1. Tracing and monitoring COVID-19COVID Nirikshak used to conduct screenings and counseling to 40 clinics in India; +Próximo enabled monitoring in nursing homes in Portugal; MoniZ allowed doctors in the Netherlands to monitor potential cases and identify transmission chains; COVID-19 Radar aimed to allow people in Curaçao to visualize and monitor alarming infected areas; and PandemicInfo whose goal was to gather and provide data about COVID-19 to official government agencies in Norway

  2. Providing people the best conditions possibleTodos por Um helped people in Portugal describe their symptoms and connected them with doctors and nurses; vent2life connected hospital staff to technicians specialized in medical equipment to fix ventilators; Psicovida provided free psychological support due to these times of social isolation; PECC for LCPS managed patient transportation requests between hospitals in the Netherlands; and Who Can Help Me aimed to ensure security of buildings and locations in the Netherlands during lockdown

  3. Ensuring availability of necessary resourcesPlataforma de Gestão Integrada ensured that critical assets in the metro area of Lisbon were always available; APT3D used volunteered 3D printers to create face shields; and WeSew joined volunteer seamstresses and tailors to create masks to distribute to public institutions

  4. Helping local businesses get back on their feetAround Me enabled Portuguese small businesses to advertise their services to local neighborhoods; Distribuye facilitated delivery from local food distributors to wholesalers, restaurants, and households in Puerto Rico; TokMenu made easy the process of digitizing restaurant menus; and Yes, We’re Open worked as a directory of steps local businesses in the United States were taking to keep their customers safe

  5. Financial aid to people in needPortugal #EntraEmCena worked as a marketplace to connect artists to corporate companies that wished to fund their performances and artistic endeavours; and Financial Aid System whose goal was to secure electronic distribution and tracking of financial aid.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this program, in one way or another, and helped make it the success that it was. 

It truly blew all our expectations to see how your community spirit shined through and how you all really wanted to help others in need. This is the power of the OutSystems community!

We wish you safety and health, and may you continue empowering yourselves and others around you!

The OutSystems Community Team

Sensational ... Excellent initiative by OutSystems and great collaborations from the community. Congratulations to everyone!

Thank you Andreia and OutSystems community for all your work making the world a safer and friendlier place.

That's incredible story Andreia. "From community to the community".

Clap... clap... clap... this was awesome!! 

Congratulate to all, this was awesome 

 Excellent, congrats!

Excellent, congratulations

Great. Congratulations.

Congrats, this shown the greatness existing in this community!

I hope this is the first of many initiatives by this huge group of people to make our world a better world!

Keep on being great!

Excelentes iniciativas! 

Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!

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