[SEO Utils on Steroids] Facebook Crawlers not getting the metadata
Forge component by João Marques
Published on 14 Oct 2020
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I am having some trouble to use this component on react application.

The metadata is indeed added to the page, but i am afraid that, either it is added to the page too late, or the facebook crawler engines don't allow javascript execution (discussed on this post https://stackoverflow.com/a/7623986)

Any idea on this? From what i read, the only way to do this was if we had the "Escaped content" feature of the traditional web expressions, or if outsystems HTML element allowed the "meta" name.

Thank you,

Vasco Mendes

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Hi Vasco,

Thanks for bring this situation to our attention.

I checked with other crawlers and indeed the metas are not fetched.
I guess because when the request is not run with a client browser, the OnInitialize and OnReady events do not run. The same thing happens calling the page via PostMan for instance.

I am going to investigate other ways in which this can be achieved and will let you know.

Best regards,


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Hi João, Vasco,

Reactive apps work as Single Page Applications, where most of the content is created by JavaScript in the browser. Some crawlers, like google search engine, work correctly with this (they use browser-like JavaScript engines to run the code on the page on their side). Others, like Facebook (which ironically created React) do not yet support that.

At OutSystems we are currently investigating the possibility of having SEO Friendly URLs available in reactive apps. We'll also take a look into this scenario to see if there is any possible workaround for these crawlers shortcomings, although at this point in time we can't promise anything.

Tiago Simões