HTML to PDF converter in reactive web application.
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Hi All,

I am posting this question a second time because in the first one I didn't get much response. So Basically, I am building large forms in reactive web application and I need to print those forms in pdf with a different view. Also, I need to display some information in the footer of every single printed page. Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for your time.


In forge there are some components to do that including the footer (some times is not straight forwards) , but not all can work with a "reactive" eSpace. You need to see what is the case of the component you have chosen. 

If the component you are using is not for reactive you may create a new app in "traditional web" and do the export to PDF work in a eSpace there, you would have to build the screens in that eSpace but, in my experience, is more easy to build a screen specific for the PDF, as things like buttons and links are irrelevant for the print and we can place the widgets in a more nice way for the print. 

Hope this help 


Hi Maria, 

I looked at the forge and most of the components are for Traditional Apps. HTMLtoPDFConverter looks promising to me but I am not sure how to use it as I am using OutSystems on-premises.

Thank you for your time.


You should use this forge. I think it should match to your purpose

Hope it help

Hi Shingo,

This component is only for Traditional apps. 


You can try this one from the forge also:

If it do not have what you need you can try to follow my suggestion.


Hi Maria,

I tried this component and it's showing the input field on two different pages.

Please see the below picture. Thank you for your time.

As I mentioned in the first post, the screens normally used are not very nice to create the PDF. That is why creating a specific one is easiest, remember that the component has to convert the screens dimentions to the paper dimentions. 

As the screen used to issue in the PDF is not going to be used in a device, to input data or any thing like that, you can ajust the dimensions from the fields to meet the dimensions from the paper, or you can change the orientation from the paper, from  "portrait" (normally the default ) to "landscape" whitch seems to be one solution in your case.



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