Create folders on the Development area in Service Studio

Is it possible to create folders on the Development area in Service Studio and organize my apps?

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Hello JP,

You can't create folders in your service studio.

But the application is already a group of Modules, so you can have multiple Modules in one app and this way organize a little better.

Another thing you can do is create a Solution in Service Center, and inside this solution you can link modules from different applications.

However these solutions will not appear in your service studio, just in service center.

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RR :)

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That idea already exist but is not implemented, take a look:


It's that that you are talking about?

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Ricardo M Pereira

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Yes, it's exactly what I was looking for.


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If you are working in a large factory with many applications, you could setup a naming convention on your application names,  prefixing them with a meaning full code to group related programs together. Then using the search input you can quickly select all applications with the same prefix.



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JP another thing that came to my mind, if you want to organize your apps in a more technical way for having Documentations and patterns guides for each group of app for example, is that you can use Discovery Tool with Domains.
See here in this video at 29:00 minutes how to do it:

It will also not reflect in Service Studio, but may help to organize and serve as a guide to your team.

With Discovery you will be able to validate your architecture for each Domain you define .

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