Reactive How to compate the dates in 2 tables

Hi ALl,

I am facing some issue  please help me  urgently 

Application I am building where I need to check in one table if slots is available for respective doctor or not than I need to show all the slot which is available  for that I have created one entity which  have  time interval where  I have saved all the time (10 to 18)pm and one entity I have with name calander Events (fullcalner2) entity which have the start date  and other table I have join with user id (for Doc id) Event Details Table 

my Problem is while Selecting the Time from Time Dropdown  it select correct time but if I save this value with datetime in db time get change  I had selected 16:30 from time picke(dropdown)r but in db it getting save 11::00

date like 2020-11-20 16:30:00 but in db its saving like   2020-11-20 11:00:00

Actually I want to compare the date in two table if in if slots on that day already had booked  in my logic comparing with datetime value in both table  where I comparing only time 

 I am comparing it with my local table where I have save time interval from 10: to 8 :00 in if condition  its not getting match and every time my condition getting fail going to false branch although time is already booked 

how to compare the date in reactive 

to add the time in table I have datetime type so adding using bultidate time function or texttodatetime both I had tried but while in appending it together its change the time..

I have attached the excel whil I have used to bootstrap the timeintreval.


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Hi Soni,

Seems like you are having a timezone issue.

Is the client side and the server side in the same timezone?

Take a look at this post. 

According to they tests seems like when using Mobile Apps the DateTimes are converted automatically to the server timezone and reconverted back when taking it from server.

Checking the actual documentation I see this is true. However I could not confirm if in Reactive Web Apps this also happens.

When you show in the screen the dates still in the server timezone?

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RR :)

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@Soni Rawat 

you could also you this component Time Zone to fix this. 

e.g - ConvertFromUTC(CurrDateTime(), "Indian Standard Time")

Or alternatively, can use AddMinutes() function as well to convert the DB time to your local timezone.