pdf generate and send it in an email
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.9.1 (Build 33435)

Hi Team,

I have  a traditional web screen with some content and I need to export the content as PDF document and then email the PDF document as an attachment.

step1. Generate PDF document, (once the pdf file is generated where we have to save this file so that it will picked by the email notification service).

step2. Once the PDF file is generated, we have to pick up the PDF file and attach it with the email and send to the mail recipients.

Please help me with an example implementation or any documentation. Thanks in advance.




1. Have you choose the component to create the PDF? 

From the Forge you have more than one, I found this :



2. In the preparation of the email page you can use the "attach" tool 

Hope this help 



Hi Madhu ,

First you add the email screen and in preparation you can use the Attach File widget and add the contents of the pdf and filename in it.

Now as a first step you generate the pdf and store it in a temp table and get the id of it which you will use in the email template preparation to fetch the file data in assign it to the Attach File wizard.

Please see the below screenshot...



Hi Pramod,

Could you please share the OML file for reference.

I am using html2 pdf convertor for pdf generation and it is downloading the file to my local file system. I don't know how to insert the pdf file to a table to entity. Please help, thanks.



can u share the related oml. I also have the same issue

Just use the Output parameter from "generatePDF" "PDFBinary" to save in the entity 

the field you use to save it must have data type  "Binary Data" 

Hope this helps



I want to create pdf in mobile application. can you please any one send me example pdf oml file regarding this?



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