[Signature Pad] How to save a signature to database
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Published on 16 Nov 2020
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I have the Signature Pad plugin for mobile. However i could not manage to save the signature to the database, when clicked on "Afronden". How can i achieve this? The signature needs to be saved on certain forms specific. For exmaple a open a filled in form, i do a signature and click on "Afronden", and when i later open this form, it needs to show the signature.

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Hi Samed,

Have you checked the Signature Pad Demo component?

It seems to demo how to do what you are looking for:

Hope it helps.


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Hello Samed,

I've edited your post to include the Signature Pad forge component - I assume this is the one you're using in order to implement this. This way, the forge component creators will have visibility of your question and you'll get better answers. If I got the component wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.

Regarding your question, I took a look at the component documentation and it appears to return Binary Data once a signature is complete. You'd need a Binary Data column in one of your Entities in order to save this data.

I assume "Afronden" is your Submit action to complete your form? What I would imagine you can do is have a local variable of the Binary Data type, and fill it on the SignaturePadDone event. Then, when the user clicks "Afronden", you'd read this local variable and save it to your database. Looking at the webblock inputs, I don't think this component is capable of showing previous signatures. So you'd have to use an Image element in order to show your Binary Data afterwards.