[BDDFramework] JIRA Integration for Creating BDD Test and bringing back results.
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Published on 02 Dec 2019
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Has anyone done any work or had thoughts about how to reduce some of the duplicate effort in creating BDD Tests in JIRA and then a BDD test app.  Also how to bring results back into a JIRA XRAY against  Test Set/Test Execution?

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Hi Paul,

Wat is the duplicated effort in your case. I am used to have a tester, PO, or BA define the acceptance criteria in the user stories, ideally in the Gherkin syntax Given, When, Then. Then a developer will code it in BDD. There is not a duplication here, just a separation of tasks, definition versus implementation.

I don't have any experience or knowledge of JIRA XRay, but most modern solutions nowadays have an API to allow integration, so I would explore the API's of JIRA XRay, and see how you would be able to leverage the TestRunner API of the BDD Framework to integrate back the results to JIRA XRay.



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Hi Daniel,

What I'd like to be able to do is synchronise/initiate a BDD block in OutSystems (wouldn't include the Actions) from the gherkin code that has been documented rather than the developer having to cut and past this across into the .BDD Testing App.  ie something like what I believe cucumber does for JAVA.