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I'd like to start a discussion, hear from others around their need to dynamically auto-scale applications and how you have addressed that need.

The capability doesn't exist in the native OS Cloud deployment, but solutions such as containers and/or AWS (non-native OS) deplyment can be used, then opening the door to the auto-scale capabilities that comes wtih that approach.  Taking that approach means one leaves behind the benefits of the native OS Cloud platform.  I believe also taking this approach bring increased costs -- you still pay the OS fees, but now you're also incurring other IaaS fees.

I'm interested in learning how people have addressed this need, their experience, pros/cons, etc.

I'm new to OS and so this discussion will help a great deal.


This is a discussion I actually look forward to following.

In some projects we have worked around this by preparing an x number of frontend machines, that would be only wakened up when needed. It is not the best approach, but it was our semi-automatic approach for scaling horizontally.

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