Auto-scaling options

New to OS.  I'm interested in learning from other's experiences around auto-scaling in OS.  I believe that the devops tasks to scale horizontally or vertically are taken care of by the platform once a user manually requests additional resources in the admin console, but the manual request is required.  

I also believe that using container-based deployment allows for the auto-scale that comes wtih continer management, but that OS doesn't manage container deployments natively.

How has a need for auto-scaling impacted you and how have you addressed it.


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As far as I know, there is no auto-scaling feature yet with OutSystems Cloud services.

Nonetheless, it should be possible if you're using other Cloud services like AWS although I haven't tried that myself.

There is an interesting post discussion about dynamic scaling here.


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Hi David,

You can scale horizontally and vertically and this can be achieved in different ways, depending on your infrastructure being on the cloud or on-premises.

Take a look at this documentation, it is a great starting point about this topic.

Hope it helps.

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