Introducing the new Platform Ops Engineer Certification and Boot Camp

Hello OutSystems Community,

Once again, we have more news on the OutSystems Certification program.

Now, we’re releasing the new Professional Platform Ops Engineer Certification and Boot Camp!


Who is it for?

This Certification exam is aimed at experienced OutSystems professionals with Operations or Sysadmin roles. To take the Professional Platform Ops certification exam, we highly recommend you to attend the new Platform Ops Boot Camp.

A certified Professional Platform Ops Engineer can fully install and configure any OutSystems environment in an Infrastructure, according to scalability and redundancy requirements, as well as understand in detail the OutSystems platform architecture and how to troubleshoot it when needed. 

What topics will you find on this new exam?

  • Platform Components and Services

  • Database

  • Troubleshooting

  • Platform setup

  • Infrastructure Design

How can you get ready?

The best way to prepare for the Professional Platform Ops Engineer exam is to attend the Platform Ops Boot Camp and to study the topics listed in the online resources section of the Exam Detail Sheet available on our Certification Page.

How can you get it?

Go to our Certification Page and register for the exam. In case you attend the Platform Ops Boot Camp you’ll be able to take the exam for free.

About the Platform Ops Boot Camp

It’s a 5-day instructor-led course that teaches you how to operate, maintain and monitor an OutSystems Infrastructure, with a focus on real-life planning and execution of best practices to guarantee a healthy, performant, and scalable OutSystems Infrastructure.

Any questions? Feel free to find your answers on our Learn Page.
Can’t find what you want to know? Reach us at training@outsystems.com

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Head of Training @ OutSystems

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Thanks for the good news. :)

I tried to find dates for the bootcamp in the link provided and it seems that we don't have any bootcamp available yet.

Can we have some prediction about dates for the botcamp availability?


Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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It is a great news for all community members!

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Thanks for sharing this update. Is there any learning path available for the Ops certification? The one which I found close enough was "Mastering Platform and Factory Operations", though doesn't seem to cover all the topics.

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Nice one more .

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It's great to here about this. Thanks for the information.