[Data Grid Reactive] Option to have a link in the grid to open a different URL
Forge component by Bruno Martinho
Published on 28 Dec 2020
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This component looks great for the application we are working on.  We need to be able to have a column that is a link to another site.  Looking at the code, it looks like there are plans for a Link Column, but the functionality isn't completed yet.  Do you have an estimate on when that might be available?

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Hello Jared,

Sorry for such a late answer and, yes, we are evaluating the need to have such type of column.

We are currently planning the next releases and prioritizing topics, so can you let me know, without giving any private information, of the use case that you have to require that kind of column? Do you already have the link on the database?


Bruno Martinho

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Thank you for your response, Bruno.

The link would be relative to an ID returned with the row, and used to open a detail page for the record.