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Hi everyone,

I want to start preparing for Associate Traditional Web Developer Certification(Outsystems 11). On the website, I see plenty of videos and courses. Could you help me in understanding what's the training material specifically for this certification? Please refer to the attached screenshot and let me know if those are the courses required to prepare for this certificate.





Hi Pooja,

In order to prepare for the Associate Traditional Web Developer exam, it suffices to follow the entire course Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11).

Furthermore, on the Certifications page of this website, you can download and review the exam details which contains an overview of all the Exam topics. There is also a Sample Exam inside the zip-file.

Hope this helps!



Thank you, Nordin! Appreciate your help.

Hello Pooja.

I hope this message finds you well.

I already got the OutSystems Traditional Web Developer certification. In my opinion, you should do the Guided Paths of OutSystems in this link:

And try to study the theoryas well as possible. :)

Best Regards,

Paulo Russo.

Hi Pooja,

The course and the exam topics are well covered into the links shared by Nordin for the Associate Traditional Web Developer certification exam. Please browse the links shared with you to get more details.

Wish you all the best for your preparations and examination!!

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Thank you, Sachin!


just to complement, you also have this path guide

good luck with your studies and exam.

Thank you, Felipe!

Is this path guide necessary for completing the traditional web developer certification? Or the Developing Web Apps(Outsystems 11) suggested by Nordin enough?

Both are necessary. 

My advice is first to do the path guide shared by Felipe and then do the example of the exam.


Gonçalo Almeida


Hi Shivam,

It is not necessary to follow the entire Becoming a Traditional Web Developer guided path in order to take the Associate Traditional Web Developer exam. This guided path contains additional topics like Integrating with External Databases, Using C# code and a Master Class on Javascript and jQuery. There won't be any questions on the exam around these topics.

As is stated in the exam details (you can check my first post to see where to find them), it suffices to follow the entire Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11) online course.

Hope this helps!



hi Nordin,

Thank you very much for the clarification.



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