Included number of end-users in all packages

On the page of Outsystems Pricing & Editions, I see that in all packages the Included number of end-users are only 100. If I am well informed the Included number of end-users are the users who are actively using the app and the Maximum number of end-users means all the users. Does it mean, no matter which packages I have, only 100 users can use it at the same time? For example if I have the standart package and I have 1.000.000 user, only 100 can be "online" at the same time?

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Hello Armin.

The way I always read it was "You have 100 active users included. You can buy more". And active users are not online users, but users with isActive = True (it is up to you to see if they are disabled after weeks or months of not logging in).

Inactive users don't count. If you have a Standard license, you have 100 active users. You can change the contract to have 1000, 10000 or any other number.
The pricing used to be based on the complexity of the applications, but that was an incentive to avoid doing apps in OS. Now you pay based on the number of people that benefit from you having OS. You can develop your full business in OS without paying more for it than a similar-sized company that has a single app.

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Hi Nuno,

Thank you for your answer. But here it shows that the Included number of end-users are always only 100. What I do not understand what does it mean that every package have only 100 users but different number of Maximum number of end-users.