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I wanted to implement the Header and Footer in all the PDF pages.

How can this be possible?


Hi Rohan,

This component was developed to "print" the content of a container and not a whole screen.

On my projects, I used the css class "show-on-export" to "print" elements that I don't want to be displayed on screen. Do some testing with this class to get the Headers and Footers you are looking for.

Greetings, Gianluca

Hey Gianluca ,

It would be really helpful if u can provide inputs on how to implement header and footer using this component.



Hi Sowndarya,

as I have already indicated, this component is dedicated to generating PDFs with the content of a Container.

If your need is to have a print for the whole page, with header/footer and other elements, I suggest you to look at this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7667/pdf-generator-web

Or adopt a more advanced solution that uses this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/209/html2pdfconverter

but it works only on Web Application, so it's necessary to build a wrapper that exposes a printing service to be called from Reactive App.

Last option, try to modify my component to get the result you're looking for.



Hi Gianluca ,

I tried using PDF generator web and HTMLtoPdf convertor as well. But couldn't get a proper solution for my requirement to print a pdf with default header and footer in all pages.

It would really helpful if you share any oml file for the same.

For blur issue we have user DPI .

Thanks ,



I want to use exactly opposite of the ".show-on-export" in which we want to hide  some elements in the PDF and show on the screen. How we can achieve it?

Thanks in Advance,

Hello Janmesh,

try adding this functionality to the component:

create your own CSS class, assign it to the container you want to hide in print, and edit the script as shown above.

Let me know if it works and covers your use case.



Print the records already visible on the page/screen and create pdf and  Print the remaining records on the other screen and create pdf?

Hi @Janmesh Mokal 

For more complex needs than an export limited to a container, I recommend using a more featured solution such as UltimatePDF...


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