OutSystems User Groups 2020 | A Year in Review

Saying that 2020 was a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement. However, the OutSystems community showed that even through difficult times, we could find good things to hold on to and getting together, even virtually, was one of them.

We had big plans for the OutSystems User Groups following a phenomenal 2019 with the  launch and growth around the world. Community organizers were already thinking big on how they could expand and nurture the local ecosystem. For a couple of months, there were in-person events happening all around - remember when we could all be together? However, when the pandemic hit globally, in March, all events converted into online and those plans were no longer viable.

We didn't want to give up on these events that we'd worked so hard with the community on. So along with the local organizers, we found a way to reinvent ourselves and the User Groups and found new ways of engaging, learning together and interacting with each other. In the space of 3 months, between March and June, the global community organized 33 events, maintaining them local to their cities or their countries, respecting local languages and focusing on specific learning topics. 

This was becoming very exciting for our global community because online gatherings meant that anyone anywhere could join events wherever they wanted, from the comfort of their home! Be that as it may, everyone quickly found out about Zoom fatigue, as not only was everyone always on a conference call but also because there were just too many events at the same time.

Our organizers refreshed the concept of online events again and followed one very specific idea - why not go regional? With everyone online, we could go bigger and get more people on board, and we could invest more on the quality of the event and less on quantity. And wow wow wow, it completely blew our expectations!

In the last half of 2020, the community organizers worked together to hold events in four regions: Europe, Middle East & Africa; Asia Pacific; North America; and Brazil. They came through with incredible concepts to further nurture engagement among OutSystems developers all around the world, facilitate interaction with OutSystems experts, and enable more training and more technical knowledge sharing amongst each other.

These events covered everything that you said were important to you, to the community. The certifications roadmap? Yes! Forge improvements? Indeed. Documentation going public on GitHub? Oh yeah! Interviews with Product Managers about all the new and exciting features that were launched at NextStep? Obviously. We even had a surprise visit from Elvis ;)

In just 8 regional events, more than 2.000 community members got together. Yes, you read that correctly! Thank you for being part of this incredible community, we know this was a difficult time and we're so glad you joined us and didn't give up on this community

We don’t know what 2021 has in store for us all, but we do know that we have very big shoes to fill from what we all accomplished together last year. 

We have been creating new OutSystems User Groups around the world, so if you haven’t done it already, make sure you have registered for the one closest to you! If you don't see your city or country represented and would be interested in leading a User Group yourself, reach out and we'll make it happen!

Dates for upcoming User Groups events will be launched very soon, so stay tuned :)

Very nice!!!

I hope I can be at the next event.

It is great a start of year 2021 with a good idea and big opportunity for all the community members. 

All the best for future events!!

Congratulations on your work last year, @Andreia Tulcidás and all the members of the Outsystems community who worked so hard in 2020 to keep developers together and increasingly active!

Amazing events for amazing people. Happy 2021!


Fantastic, and we hope for more!

so cool!


Cool and Amazing.


Wow, That' really amazing !!


Thanks @Andreia Tulcidás and Catarina Pereira to help us organizing such great events.



Very Nice :D

Congratulations to the whole community!

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