Connection time out for OSMDb module
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.6.32 (Build 13558)


Please refer to attached pic and error log, I cannot access my training module any more after I tried to log in from my lap top 4 days ago. 

Can anyone help advise me why and how to fix it?

Thanks and regards


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You can check if all services are working good in your personal area in the Service center:


Do you have any kind of VPN or something that can interfier with your connection?

Hope this can help!

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Ricardo M Pereira

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Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for advice!

I checked the status of that module online, don't see any serious issues, please refer to attachment.

And I connected from office Lan and wifi from home as well, all the same. seems not like a problem at client side.



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Hi Ricardo,

Can you guide me how to check 'sleeping' or 'wake' status, cause I failed to find those buttons online?

Thank you!

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Hi Steven,

Is there any changes in your network recently? Also, please make sure that you have a good speed Internet connection when you try to access the environment. Since, sometime bad network cause this connectivity issue.

Can you check and confirm if you are able to open the ServiceCenter successfully in a browser or it is giving you an error?


If you have already verified these, I would advise you to please open a support case with OS to sharing the details with them to get your issue resolved.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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Hi Sachin,

I connected from office Lan and wifi from home as well, all the same. The changes was on my new laptop which has some display issue at first, seems like the issue happened at the same time.

I can access my servciecenter online without any issue.

Yes, I've opened an incident ticket, hope it can be fixed since one week passed.

Thanks and regards.

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Hi Steven,

What display issue you had at first with your laptop? If are not able to access it due display driver issue, please refer the below link and try to resolve it.


Thanks & Kind Regards,


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Hi Steven,

I saw the error log and it also has "System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." which is more like the resource or page you are looking for doesn't exists.

One more thing , are you able to see your espace/application in service center ? if yes than try to downloads it from service center and upload and publish it again. I am assuming that you are facing issues only with this application and all other applications are working fine and getting opened in service studio as well.