[OutSystems UI] A bug on RangeSlider when the value is decimal
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I encountered a weird issue with the RangeSlider component, it can't move to decimal value but always move to the the nearest integer value instead, while drilldown, I find it's due to the javascript input parameter is "Integer" which should be "Decimal", currently I clone this component in my eSpace and fixed it, hope OutSystems can fix it in the next release.

Perhaps you should published your fixed version to the forge as component which could benefit others who also require decimals? 

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your feedback. We are already aware of this issue on the variables data type of RangeSlider and we will fix it to be released as soon as possible.

Bruno Marcelino

2021-10-04 15-01-45
Simão Nunes

Hi Barry.
Thanks for the detailed feedback you provided.

You are currently trying to grab decimal values without setting the step propriety.
Step is one of the parameters of the component that defines the interval at witch the items are separated in the slider and is set to 1 by default.  As example demonstrated in our official documentation, by setting the step option to 10, the slider increases in steps of 10.

I would recommend you to select 0.1 as the value of the step property in order to achieve the behavior you are expecting.

Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,
Simão Nunes.

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