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When adding the week numbers within the date picker, we notice that the visible week numbers are not correct this year.
At this point the date picker shows that the current week is 4, but the current week is 3.

We also notice that this year we again have 53 weeks. Also that should not be correct.

Is this issue known? If so, is there any information available on when this issue would be fixed? 

Thanks in advance!


Hi  Martijn de Pijper,

i don't think so this is a issue because on first image you are saying there is  5 weeks in a January but there is total 4 complete weeks. one week have 7 days and in a month can have 4 weeks and 3 days.

so this is right i think.



Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your reply. No, I am saying that this year has also 53 weeks. This was last year. This year we should have 52 weeks. The rule should be, that the first week of the year is the week with at least 4 days of january. 

This first week exists of only 2 days of january, and therefore it should be recognized as week 53 of last year. 

Please look it up on the internet, as you will see that everywhere the current week number is 3 instead of 4. 


This issue is already fixed in the underlying javascript libary that the Outsystems UI component uses.

See: https://github.com/Pikaday/Pikaday/issues/878

One temporary solution, until OutSystems fixes this problem, is to make a copy of the datepicker component from Outsystems UI and change the Javascript with the solution given by Pikaday.

Hi Martijn de Pijper

Did you by any chance happen to open a support case for this ?
22 Feb Version 2.6.6 was released, Did it include the updated version of the JavaScript library ?

Kind regards,

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