[Touch ID Plugin] TouchIdPlugin disable or enable FaceRecognition
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Hi Experters

I am currently creating a mobile application. And using the TouchIdPlugin module, and when the user setting FaceRecognition is false, I want not to display FaceRecognition when calling TouchId of the TouchIdPlugin plugin. Similar to the Fingerprint case.

Step1: setting as image.

Step2: Disable Facerecognition

Hope everybody help please.



you can take one variable as boolean type and when face recognition is false then you can set as  false and set in if condition or you can set container visible property with this boolean variable.

Hope this will help you.



Hi @Rahul Sahu 

Thanks for your suggest But in that case the popup in step 2 is from the native app show, namely the TouchIdPlugin module. So I can't set true, false like normal popup.


Were you able to implement the Face ID recognition on your Android App? Do I need to create a separate client action for the FaceID and ToudID? Tried to enable both TouchId and FaceId on my mobile device but it doesn't recognize FaceID authentication.

Hi @NikkiM 

Enable FaceId is not enough, you have to add at least one pattern face, then it shows you

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