Google ADS disapproved our ADS |Website is not crawlable or indexed by Google

Hi everyone,

We are facing a couple of frustrating problems at the moment:

  • [Problem 1] Our Google ADS are getting disapproved (We are getting Destination Not Working errorbecause Google Bots can not crawl our pages:

Here is the response from our Google Ads account manager:

After checking your website "https://emiratespost.ae/", I found that it is correctly disapproved due to Destination Not Working, because our crawlers are not able to fetch your website.

This is usually happening when you have some rules/robots files in your website/hosting that are blocking Google Ads Bots from indexing your website.

To solve this issue, please reach out to your webmaster in order to check your website and enable Google Bots. As soon as you solve the issue, please use Policy Manager to appeal the ads.

You can check if your website crawlable using this link: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

  • [Problem 2] Google ADS Events Snippets are not working. Our Team has implemented the pixels but it is not firing.

Questions that we can't find a direct answer to:

  1. How can we get our website crawled properly by Google in OutSystems?
  2. How can we generate a proper sitemap.xml and where should we put it in OutSystems?
  3. How can we make a robots.txt file & where should we put it in OutSystems?
  4. How can we make the Google Events snippets work in OutSystems?

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Hi Hossam,

First of all are using Traditional Web or Reactive? This may have a big impact on the way that you are doing (see more here) although Google Search Engine should work with both.

I'll try to answer your questions below:

1. You should follow the steps on Google Search Console and try to implement the answers to the other questions;

2. You can generate a sitemap.xml using free generators you can find on the internet like Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator (xml-sitemaps.com);

3. You can create a web service that returns you the robots.txt file and implement a SEO rule to make it accessible on domain/robots.txt.

4. You can set tags using the SEO Utils on Steroids forge component. Refer to the documentation tab on how to use it.

Additionally, I recommend you to read this article as it explains how to setup this settings in OutSystems using the SEO Utils on Steroids component.