[Sankey Diagram] Javascript error when navigating away from a page using the sankey diagram
Forge component by Daniel Martins
Published on 22 Mar 2020
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.6 (Build 37198)
Platform Version
11.10.0 (Build 22422)

Getting an error message when navigating away from a screen using this component.  I noticed that the same error appears when using the sample application and clicking on the home link in the top left of the screen.  

Looking at the console we get the following message when attempting to navigate away from the page with the Sankey Diagram.     

ErrorScreen.js:54 Mismatched anonymous define() module: function(exports, d3Array, d3Collection, d3Shape) {

'use strict';

function targetDepth(d) {

  return d.target.depth;


function left(node) {

  return node.depth;


function right(node, n) {

  return n - 1 - node.height;


function justify(node, n) {

  return node.sourceLinks.length ? node.depth : n - 1;


function customColumn(node) {

  return node.column;


function center(node) {

  return node.targetLinks.length ? node.depth

      : node.sourceLinks.length ? d3Array.min(node.sourceLinks, targetDepth) - 1

      : 0;


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Hi Elmar, this issue has been submitted here, by your colleague Greg.

Let's follow this in the other post.

Thank you.