Is it possible to make a OutSystems app connecting to Outlook?

¦What I want to do

I usually check each member's  work schedules on Outlook and set a meeting.

but I find it a bit inconvenient to see everyone's available time slot at a glance on Outlook.

I hope I can implement some app to make it easier with OutSystems.

¦What I want to ask

Does anyone has experiense of making that kind of app  linked to Outlooks?

I'd appeciate it if you could give me some advice or any ideas on the above matter.


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Dear Tsubasa

Here is one component for calling the Outlook APIs: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7332/outlookcalendar

Please check if this can help you.

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Hi Tsubasa,

You can try solution from this discussion to integrate outlook with Outsystems.

Hope it helps.