[DateRangePicker] DateRangePicker how to make associated textbox value empty initially
Forge component by Niels Favreau
Published on 02 Jan 2019
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.8 (Build 37957)

I needed a date range picker functionality and so tried using DateRangePicker forge component built by Niels Favreau

I have a page with multiple filters and Date range is one of the them. Date range needs to be used only if data needs to be filter for specific date range. And so associated text box must be initially set to blank and should be able set to blank when date range filter not required.  

I am not able to figure out how to keep it blank on load. 

1. if I set Nulldate() on startend and enddate wont work. textbox still have value and calendars shows dates from 1900 

2. I tried setting "AutoUpdateinput" property to false which make it clear on load but then it will not be set when selected a valid date range from calendar. 

I am new to out system and still learning. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Chetan 

I am not familiar with DateRangePicker component, 

Seems like you can't clear the input, It may be wrong because I just took a peek at the source, 

Hope someone can help you.

If it's really not possible, Can you consider adding a checkbox to indicate the DataRagePicker's filter enable/disable.

Kind Regards,

Hi Chetan,

Good day!

It seems it's not possible, I can't find in the javascript an empty value can be possibly returned. Not unless I overlooked a logic.

Or you may take a look at this post:

How to set input to empty using DatePicker on Reactive web? | OutSystems 

DateRangePicker is based on the DatePicker component, maybe you can extract some info that may help you requirement from that post.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,