Creating a page to allow users to change their password
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Hi there 

in an app I'm working on I'm trying to create a page where users can change their password. I'm not sure how to go about this.

Can someone please advise me how I could do this?

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Hi Shaan,

Please refer the below links and see if you get help to complete your tasks.

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Hi, friend.

Keep in mind that the password change must be encrypted before store in database.

The most common scenario is do not bring the password to screen in the User's aggregate. You can use a modal to overwrite the password in database (creating an action to do only that).

If you're talking about a 'reset password' screen, the user must use some kind of token to access the screen.


If you are trying to implement forgot password? kind of screen before login, on clicking forgot password, send an email to the user containing a link with token to change password. You can make the token to be valid for few hours.

As Lenon says, use some kind of encryption (like AES) before storing the password in the table.



Hi Ragavi 

I'm thinking more the user can log in and if they want to change their password they can go to a page that lets them do this.

I'd be interested to hear any tips you may have in regards to both different types. My idea and forgot password I'd love to hear tips on how to do both.


Do not just use "some kind of encryption". If you're storing the password in the users table, just rely on the existing actions in the Users module. (like shown in those 2 discussions that Sachin linked)

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