[Social Sharing] Share an image attachment and video link stored in amazon s3 bucket using social shar
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Hey all,

I have a use case  in my mobile app where ,I list a number of events which i populate from my backend which is a reactive web app where i upload video ,images of each event. I upload these contents on my amazon s3 bucket and save the keys in my database and in the mobile app fetch it using the keys in my database . I want the user to be able to share the image and video of the event on social media .

What i tried   was to get the pre-signed url of the video and passed it in the social sharing plugin mentioned  above but when the pre-signed url of the video is clicked it downloads the video instead of playing it  i want the video to play on web. 

In the case of the image url i'm able to open the image using the url but not share the image itself directly with the message.

How can i get video url that directly plays the video on the web and how do i  share the png image.

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For Video getting download instead of playing, make sure the correct metadata is set :
- In Amazon’s AWS Management Console, select the file in question, click on Actions > Properties and add/edit the key values. In this case, enter Content-Type in the key and video/mp4.

Hope it helps,

Hey can i add this content-meta data property from the amazon s3 api instead of going to the aws management console.

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