[Data Grid Reactive] Format options format in Date column
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Published on 24 Feb 2021
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Thank you for this new release!  The action column is working great to open URLs.

Are there options for selecting a date format provided with the Date Column?

We are formatting the date in the advanced sql data action, but that format is being overridden by the Data Grid Reactive component, regardless of whether we use a date or a text column for display.

We would like the date to be displayed as YYYY-MM-DD.

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Hello @Jared Jones ,

Can you please share how you are formatting the date in the advanced query, how it is being shown in the column and how you would like to see the date?


Bruno Martinho

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Thank you for the response, Bruno.  Here are the answers to your questions.

The data is stored in the database as DateTime.

Here is how the column is processed in the Advanced SQL:

      CONVERT(varchar, person.DateArrived, 23) AS DateArrived,

Here is the date data as it appears in the JSON that is fed into the DataGrid:

        "DateArrived": "2017-09-14",

And here is the Date column in the DataGrid:

We'd like the date to display in YYYY-MM-DD format:



Side note:

As a test, I removed the CONVERT operation in the Advanced SQL query.

In that scenario, here is the output of the Date column in the DataGrid:

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Hello @Jared Jones 

Thank for the reply with so much detail.

In fact, the way the Data Grid is working is using the Date time format that is configured in Service center to format dates that are presented to the end user. We followed this approach to display dates exactly the same as other OutSystems components that use dates.

Can you please check if the definition that you have in Service center is the same format as you are seeing in the data grid?


Bruno Martinho