Service Studio 11 does not open anything after launching
Service Studio Version
11.10.2 (Build 36659)


I recently downloaded Service Studio 11 on a new device. After connecting to my environment, the UI wouldn't load fully. I am unable to access my previous applications or even create new ones for that matter. 

In some instances, after waiting for a long time the UI somewhat loads but all the interactivity is gone. I don't know what I've done differently.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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Hi Anusha,

I've never seen this behaviour myself, so I'm not sure what's going on. I'll ask around though see if anyone experienced something similar.

Just to make sure: you are running Service Studio on Windows 10?

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Hi Anusha,

Could you please confirm, if you have all the minimum system requirement which need to run the SS 11? 

Please refer below link to find the requirements.


If this can't solve your problem, please open a support case to OutSystems.

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I am afraid of suggesting this solution against this problem. Since, not sure how many dislikes, I am going to get for this advise. :) But, just want to make sure that this is not the case with your systems which is causing issue in opening Service Studio after fresh installs. 


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That solves it, I replied because I didn't see this answer before.

Hi Anusha,

Good day!

Please check if there are components that needs to be updated (i.e. Outsystems UI). Normally there is a notification icon at the right side of the dashboars of service studio.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Christopher,

Components have nothing to do with Service Studio. Though it's always good advise to keep them updated, in this case it's not advise that will help the OP one bit!

Hi @Anusha Krishnamoorthy,

I'm also having the same problem in a new machine with full requirements for SS 11 (latest).

I went to Event Viewer and got the following log entry several times:

The process 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Development Environment 11\Service Studio\ServiceStudio.exe' exited with exit code 0. The creation time for the exiting process was

Anyone has an idea?

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I still haven't found a solution. The same thing is happening with my pc. It has minimum system requirement. I reinstalled a couple times but no success. i also have employee monitoring(worktime) installed. Does anyone know what needs to be changed?  

Hi guys,

OutSystems gave me an answer that can help some of you.

If you have an 11th Gen Intel CPU and a Intel Iris Xe Graphic Card there are some issues with drivers that have this miss-behaviour in Windows Applications, being Service Studio one of them.

Please remove the Hardware Acceleration from Windows by running this on the command line:

reg add HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics /v DisableHWAcceleration /t REG_DWORD /d 1

Note that this is only a workaround until the problem is fixed by Intel / MS / OutSystems and can be rolled back by entering 0 on the end.

Hope it helps.