Federated identity management sandbox


I am learning federated identity management and its basics. While there are plenty of how-to-guides on paid/enterprise IdPs and how to configure them (Okta, Azure, OneLogin, etc.), I would like to build a sandbox ecosystem to understand SAML and other authentication better and be able to replicate authentication flow using SAML between IdPs and SPs that are both created by me.

My question – is it possible to create such a sandbox using any of the IdP forge components using OutSystems only? 

If yes, could anyone give a direction in which to start building it? Ideally, it would be a central IdP service and two or more SPs with unique users. Kind of limited replica of Hub-and-Spoke Federation with Centralized Login architecture from eduGAIN.

If no - what would be your starting point on creating such a sandbox?

The initial goal for me would be modeling and testing a user-centric federated identity management system. All replies, ideas, and resources are highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Marius,

It looks like you have already posted the same in the below mentioned post. Please don't make same post again. It will not going to help you anyway. All members are reading and if they have any suggestions/idea/solution they will do into your original post itself.


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