[MS Graph Connector & Oauth 2.0] What is FunctionalEmail ?
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What is FunctionalEmail ? I am trying to test this component with my personal azure AD setup. I have enrolled on azure ad with my personal email id and setup the application. Now i am trying to test this app. While debugging i can see the application got the token correctly, however while sending email its getting error "Invalid User". Below is error details :

HTTP/1.1 404 NotFound Content-Type: application/json; odata.metadata=minimal; odata.streaming=true; IEEE754Compatible=false; charset=utf-8

{  "error": {    "code": "ErrorInvalidUser",    "message": "The requested user 'vikasXXXX@gmail.com' is invalid."  } }

Hi Vikas,

Did you get the answer for this post ?

We are also stuck in the same place. Please let us know if you found the answer for this.

Thank you!

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