[OneSignal Plugin] External User ID not saving in RegisterWithUser
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I am trying to implement push notifications within my application but the RegisterWithUser client action does not seem to be working. I have followed the plugin sample provided and placed the RegisterWithUser client action within the SyncOnLogin action. The device is registered successfully but it does not save the external User ID and the device does not appear in the Device entity in the OneSignalAPI. 

I have followed all other discussions and the one signal plugin sample but I can't seem to find where I'm going wrong. I have double checked all site identifiers and all seem to be correct. My app is a debug version running on an Android device. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @Aaron Davin,

See this post for possible fix.

Hi Nico,

Thanks for your suggestion but still no luck. Seems like the RegisterUser client action in OneSignalAPI is not being called for some reason.

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