[FilePondUpload] Cannot get the uploaded files in Process using FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles
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I am trying to upload files in S3 bucket via a background process. I am using FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles to get the uploaded file and then saving it to the S3 bucket.

But FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles returns no result in the process. I am calling this once in the complete flow.

Also if anyone can tell what is the temporary storage used.

Hi Unnati,

Thank you for the question, and good explanation.  I am sure others will have similar questions.

The FilePondUpload component stores files temporarily in the OutSystems database until they are retrieved on the server side by calling FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles.  A background task also regularly deletes uploaded files older than 30 minutes (configurable by a Site Property) in the case they have not already been retrieved.  This way load balanced environments do not have issues accessing the files.

In the FilePondUpload component, access to uploaded files are restricted to the web session in which they were uploaded.  This is a security measure to prevent other users accessing uploaded files, or hackers gaining access to uploaded files.

As background tasks do not run in the web session where the file(s) were uploaded, they cannot be retrieved in a background task.

In order to access the files from a background task, make a call to the server when the file has been uploaded, retrieve the file and then store it again separately in the database.  Then your background task can access the file to migrate it to S3 or perform any other processing you require.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Thank you Stuart. This was helpful.

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