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I have a save action and in it I start with a couple of validation checks.  One is to see if there is a 'Reason For Edit' and the other is to see if the user enters a valid letter for "Justification".  When I run, the code is being hit, but instead of displaying the message.  It just sits there.  I have to hit the Cancel button to leave the screen (save should leave the screen).  When I get back to the parent screen, then the error message displays.  I've created error trapping this way hundreds of times in a lot of apps and this has never happened before.  I can't figure it out and any insight will be appreciated.

This is the Save action

This is the parent screen



I am considering you are using form with single source. If the two fields that you mentiond are from same source that you gave to the form or in  two different entities. In that case you can use local variable for validation and for create and update assign the value.

If ReasonForEdit="" or ReasonForEdit =Nulltextidentifier()

then feedback message,

Else next step

Like wise 

If Justification="" or Justification=NullTextIdentifier(),

Then feedback message,

Else next step 

Hope this will help,



It looks like this is traditional application. Shouldn't you use a ajax refresh somewhere?

What does the debug tell tou, is there a validation error found? 

Hi James Goodman.

By checking the code seems ok. My advice is to debug the app and see if it goes as expected.

This condition is right? Shouldn't be False?


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi @James Goodman ,

I would suggest following couple of points to find the root cause:

  1. Disable the Exception handling for time being. By doing, it would be easier to see where the exact error is coming from.
  2. Check the Db field for which the error is coming. could be possible that in in DB table the field is marked as mandatory and value is not being sent,  

Hope this will help you to find the cause.



sommetime really feel this Outsystems  is making me frustruated a lot.. because nobody knows what the hell is happening..

Same issue as above.. The feedback message will not display in the screen.. but only will be displayed when the control goes to the next page.. amazingly clueless..

Debug proves the code does pass through the feedback message.. it just doesnt want to show up.


Hi All, 

I ran into a similar issue. In my case it was due to the absence of the feedback message interface component. In the RichWidgets library you have 2 feedback message components, one server action for raising a message and an interface component, which reads the message stack and show them on the screen. So for displaying message the latter component should be present in your screen, e.g. in your template.


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