[PayPal Mobile] Plugin Not Working
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When I try to login with my Paypal Sandbox account I am receiving a system error.

I have entered the Paypal Client Id and secret ID to the sample app and generated the app as type debug on an Android Emulator.

Any ideas what could be causing this error?



I think the PayPal mobile SDK is deprecated (January 20, 2021). The cordova plugin that integrates this SDK also would be deprecated (https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-Cordova-Plugin). 

You can read more information in https://www.paypal-status.com/history/eventdetails/14397.

If you see the messages in logcat in Android, you will can verify the problems inside PayPal SDK :-(

Kind regards, David.

Hi David,

Oh that's unfortunate, but thank you for letting me know! I appreciate it.


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