How can I push notifications to the users and take their responses
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Hello everyone, I am a beginner in the OutSystems platform and I have developed a mobile application and now I want to push notifications to specific users and take their responses (either agree or disagree) regarding the received message. what is the best way to perform this task and how I can do it? 

can anyone help me please Thanks in advance...


Hi Afnan,

A popular way to have push notifications is using Firebase component.

This will allow you from a server side to trigger push notifications to client devices, such as mobile devices.

Two things that might help you:

  • Follow the step-by-step documentation on how to set it up (here);
  • Install the Firebase Mobile Sample application to see it in action and how to implement it.

Kind Regards,

Hi João Marques

Thank you for your answer, good but is using Firebase component helps me to take the user's response to the message that had been sent?


Hi Afnan,

That part you can implement very easily with OutSystems.

Once a Firebase notification arrives, you can, for instance, display the question and the options and save the option user selected in the database.

Firebase is just one of the ways to "make other devices react programmatically".

thanks for your cooperation,,

Good,, can you please explain how I can do it in the OutSystems. Until now I can send a message from the cloud messaging in the firebase and when the user clicks on it move the user to the home page.

so, how I can direct the user to the question screen?


Hi Afnan,

For that you need to use Deeplink parameter when you send the notification. if you expand the Deeplink attribute (hover the blue part on the left of Deeplink and a + sign will appear to expand it), you can define the screens and even parameters of your screen:

Obviously it is the first time, you're setting up Firebase, so I would suggest you to check this video which sets up an example and follows all these little things.

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

yes thank you so much, João 

I will try this way. but in this video, I need to develop a web page in order to send the notification but until now I can send notifications correctly through the cloud messaging in the firebase console and I like this way since there are many options such as schedule the messages and others ..

 so please Is there another way through the firebase itself?

I appreciate your collaboration..


I have added a document related to Firebase, please find it in the attachment. May be this could help you.




thanks for your answer,, I follow the steps but I stop at this point -->

In your mobile app you'll need to run the plugin action InitCloudMessaging in:

the ApplicationReady system event (if there's already a user logged in)

so, please where I can find the "On ApplicationReady"??


Hi Afnan,

On the tab Logic, you can right click the folder Client Actions, and select the option Add System event - OnApplicationReady, like the image below:

Thank you so much I found it,, I will complete the steps

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